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Tel : (018) 464 2363 / (018) 462 5207,
Cell : (083) 635 8000 / (082) 560 0872,
Sales / General : mike@computershop.co.za.
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Facial and fingerprint recognition

BSFace series features a Facial, Fingerprint & RFID T&A and Access Control Identification Terminal, adopts Biosecurity latest Bio600 platform with Biosecurity vx10.0 algorithm, large capacity memory and high definition. BSFace adopts infrared camera which could be widely used, is not influenced by outdoor light and it even enables user identification in a dark environment. BSFace introduced Biosecurity embedded Multi-Bio CPU, main frequency is 630MHZ , the efficiency of 1:N can be used to deal with 1:20000 capacity, supporting face/face & card/fingerprint & face/fingerprint & face & card etc multi- biometric identification. The appearances of iFace series are designed by a Germany professional design company according to the view of human engineering, using PC material, eroding veins and mirror craftwork, collecting and identification just like looking into mirrors. All operations of iFace device are designed to be finished on the 4.3 inches TFT touch screen, only six function keys, other keys are operated on the touch screen. Multi-model communications includes TCP/IP, WiFi, striding web and gateway connection. This series can choose these functions, scheduled doorbell, mothball batteries and GPRS etc.

System specifications

· Elegant design according to the view of human engineering
· 4.3’’ TFT touch screen, easy operation, fashionable and simple interface
· 6 user-defined function keys
· Infrared optical system enables user identification in dark environment.
· Built-in backup battery support extra 4-5 hours continuous operation if power cut.
· Simple access control function, professional access control function is available
· Built-in GPRS communication makes easier device installation without wiring.
· TCP/IP, WiFi communications
· Web server management software via IE browser
· Extendable scheduled doorbell.
· Combination of facial, fingerprint and RFID identification, solved the localization of single biometric
· Biosecurity VX10.0 fingerprint & facial identification algorithm
· Identification can be worked in spite of beard, glasses, bang and other decks, natural or exaggerated
expression could both be identified.

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Cnr Siddle & Noord Str, Klerksdorp, North West Province, South Africa. Tel : (018) 464 2363 / (018) 462 5207, Cell : (083) 635 8000 / (082) 560 0872, Sales / General : mike@computershop.co.za. Here is our location on Google Maps.

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