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The tendency to rob farms and farming communities has spiraled to unacceptable levels in the last 5 years in South Africa. As yet, there is no insight into solving the problem. Many farming federations and concerns of consequence have approached the government and parliament with valid complaints about their exclusion and the serious complaints they have. The plea of the farmers plight has fallen on deaf ears and these communities have been left to the mercy of the plunderers and murderers. These criminals have assessed our farmers as soft targets and the tendency of police force active intervention in urban areas is driving the criminals to seek easier ways of enriching themselves, plundering farms.

So what have the farming communities done to protect themselves from the elements ? They have had meetings with local police and secured neighborhood watches that communicate with each other via civic band radio and walkie talkie. There are other methods of communication but as yet the situation has not improved. The police cannot spare the manpower to patrol the rural areas to prevent farm invasions.

With the disbanding of the commando by Thabo Mbeki and the failure to restructure any other civil defense, farmers plight remains vulnerable and insecure.

Some of our staff attended a world Security conference in Hong Kong last year. It was here that we found that the USA and Canada had already solved the criminal issues on farm safety, stock theft and robberies with CCTV cameras in various configurations for different purposes. Europe has also moved to inspect the feedback from these countries and they have adopted the same systems in their farming communities.

We have inspected and taken instruction from overseas and adapted it to our own market here in RSA. By means of the new technology we are able to make farming and remote operations immediately available on cell phones, tablets and laptop computers within seconds.

We have considered the different types of systems that the farmer needs and have modified equipment that would work in the following conditions or on remote site with power or without.

The details of each application can be tailored for each farm starting small and growing according to the needs of the farm. We have included some pictures of the set ups used for farm applications. Some are mobile, some are fixed, The cameras can zoom up to 30 times to track a subject 360 degrees and identify problem areas, so you can be warned immediatelyand investigate.

Because we have found the common link, INTERNET. We can now place a camera system to guard your property 24 hours a day and it will run itself on SOLAR POWER and give you access to anything it detects.

The surveillance systems are weather proof and needs little or no maintenance and is entirely independant of Eskom power. It is even possible to allow the pictures on the Farm Security Cameras.

It will be possible to involve the Police in the new type of surveillance systems. We would contribute to a computer to the SAPS offices for each region, so that every system can be available for monitoring each camera on every farm. This thanks to the internet, solar power, wireless communications and new technologies on the cellular network.

Security is incredibly important for farms and other agricultural environments. Video surveillance can help ensure farm operations run smoothly, making certain that consumers receive a safe quality product in the end, while protecting animals, equipment and facilities from harm and misuse.

Monitor for intruders – Strategically placed farm security cameras will capture images of anyone entering the property. This coverage helps to ensure that only authorized workers gain access to the farm and its facilities.

Protect water supplies – A well-protected water supply is critical to agricultural operations. Farm security cameras can play an important role in protecting this highly-sensitive area.

Prevent break-ins – Implementing farm security cameras around your property can deter break-ins. For those intruders who look past the cameras, the surveillance footage can capture them in the act.

Deter theft – Farm security cameras in areas such as holding pens, calving pens, tool shops, and gates will help to prevent thieves from stealing animals and equipment.

Monitor daily operations – Security cameras can also ensure that daily operations such as milking and feeding run smoothly.

Employee monitoring – Video surveillance can be used to monitor employee behavior so that critical farm operations are properly carried out.

Remote playback and monitoring – With an IP-based surveillance system, farm owners can monitor their property remotely. Footage can be stored digitally and easily searched in cases requiring visual evidence.

We feel that this new technology would appeal to many, many farmers, and ask that you arrange a demonstration time and date to view the equipment operating in real world.

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